Rally of the Lakes 2018 Programme Sales Outlets:

    Rally of the Lakes Programme Outlets 2018

    Rally of the Lakes 2018 Info:

      The three-day event will begin with a ceremonial start in Killarney’s town centre at 7pm on Friday 4th May. Plans are at an advanced stage to create a motorsport festival on the streets of Ireland’s most famous town.

      The real action will commence early on Saturday morning with the iconic Molls Gap, followed by the Tim Healy Pass and centralised service in Castletownbere Pier. Then it’s time to head out on the famous stages of Cods Head and Ardgroom with a repeat run over the Healy Pass and into service for a well deserved break. Cods Head and Ardgroom are repeated and a blast through the Kilmakilloge harbour stage to finish off the day.

      Sunday Morning starts with Molls Gap once again, followed by the mountainous Beallaghbeama Pass, Then into service at Liebherr Container cranes Killarney. This Loop is of Molls Gap and Beallaghbeama Pass is repeated with the inclusion of a new version of the fast flowing Shanera stage called Brook Hill. It’s into service once again before heading out to the Spectator friendly loop of Rossanean, Brook Hill and Rossanean again as the final stage. The crews will arrive back to the finishing ramp at the Rally Head Quarters – The Gleneagle Hotel at 17.30 for Celebrations and Champagne.
      The May bank holiday weekend is near and the Cartell.ie Rally of the Lakes is the place to be.
      Are you ready……


    Important Safety Information:

    PLEASE plan your event with safety in mind. The following points may help:

    • We have tried to ensure that you will be able to reach your chosen spectator viewing area without walking on the special stage. If you decide to leave the stage prior to the last competitor, PLEASE ensure that you walk on the pathways or behind the tree line. All the competitors will be travelling at high speeds and spectators are strongly advised NOT to walk on the rally route.
    • All spectators are reminded that motorsport can be dangerous and despite us taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen. In respect of these, you are present at your own risk.
    • We ask that you obey all instructions of safety marshals, spectator marshals and Gardai officers in relation to your safety and that of others.
    • Please make sure you dress to take full account of the weather. Also remember to wear sturdy footwear for typical forest conditions. Please be aware that the weather at the time of the event can be wet and extremely cold especially for the early morning and late afternoon stages.
    • Please do not bring your dogs to the event as they can be startled by the loud noises and cause a danger to others – disabled assistance dogs only (on leads at all times.)
    • Children and infants should ALWAYS be accompanied by an adequate amount of adults at all times who are responsible for their behaviour and safety.
    • Beware of flying stones and uneven or slippery surfaces.
    • Stay above the track (never below).
    • Do no stand in the straight-on position – you will be removed.
    • Respect the signs and the tape. Prohibited area MEANS prohibited area.


    Spectator Code of Conduct:

    • Please be considerate to other spectators to ensure everyone can enjoy the event.
    • Listen to the marshals – they are there to help you and ensure the event runs within the safety guidelines prescribed by the FIA and the MSA, the governing body of UK Motor Sport.
    • If you do not abide by the instructions of marshals and event officials, the stage may be stopped or cancelled.
    • Marshals and officials have the right to work without being abused or threatened. Abusive, threatening or violent behaviour towards officials (who are all volunteers) will not be tolerated and spectators will be evicted from the event.
    • Please take all litter home with you or place it in the skips or black bags provided for this purpose.
    • Do not light fires or barbeques. They can cause major fires with serious consequences.
    • Do not bring fireworks to the event. They are very dangerous and could cause a serious incident with either other spectators or the competitors.
    • Much of the Rally takes place in areas containing significant agricultural, forestry and nature conservation interests. Please follow the Countryside Code at all times.
    • Consider your own safety and that of others at all time.

    Keep the race in its place